The TCI welcomes Prof. Reid Van Lehn!

The TCI is excited to announce that Prof. Reid Van Lehn, an associate professor in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, will now be a member of the institute and affiliated with the Chemistry Department!

Throughout his career, Prof. Van Lehn has made significant contributions to the field of computational materials science and engineering, with a particular focus on the development and application of molecular simulations to characterize and engineer the properties of soft materials. His research has led to a deeper understanding of a wide range of materials phenomena, especially regarding the behavior of synthetic and biological soft materials. His work will deepen our understanding of the fundamental principles that govern these behaviors and help with the design of new soft materials for applications such as drug delivery and self-assembly.

As a member of the TCI, Professor Van Lehn hopes to collaborate with other experimental and theoretical groups and combine different techniques to further investigate the properties of soft materials as well as complement existing TCI work. “It’s exciting to expand the scope of TCI and am I grateful to be a part of it”, said Prof. Van Lehn. The TCI is pleased to welcome Prof. Van Lehn and looks forward to the contributions that he will make to the institute’s ongoing research efforts. “His expertise in machine learning and molecular simulations, and his unique perspective as a chemical engineer will bring valuable insights to the institute’s research program”, said Prof. Xuhui Huang, Director of TCI.

By: Eshani Goonetilleke