The TCI welcomes Prof. Yuan Ping!

The TCI is excited to welcome Prof. Yuan Ping to join UW-Madison! Prof. Ping is an associate professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and has become a member of TCI, affiliated with the Chemistry Department, since July 2023. Her group has relocated from UC Santa Cruz.

Prof. Yuan Ping has made significant contributions to the field of ab-initio theory for condensed matter and materials science. Her work has focused on developing efficient many-body perturbation theory for excited-state properties and open quantum dynamics for coupled spin and electron dynamics in solids. These advancements have been applied to a wide range of materials relevant to quantum information science, spintronics, and solar energy conversion applications. For instance, in recent years, Prof. Ping has developed methods for calculating optoelectronic and kinetic properties of quantum defects in 2D materials, which are crucial for quantum information technologies. Additionally, she has developed the ab-initio theory and codes based on density-matrix formalism for accurate spin relaxation and decoherence times for general solid-state systems. These parameters play a vital role in qubits and spintronic applications.

“As a member of TCI, I hope to contribute to the area of ab-initio theory for quantum materials and collaborate with other TCI members on high impact projects.”, said Prof. Yuan Ping. The TCI is thrilled to welcome Prof. Ping and eagerly anticipates the contributions she will make to the institute’s ongoing research efforts. “Her research bridges the fields of quantum chemistry, condensed matter physics, and materials science. It offers predictive tools and fundamental insights into spin-optoelectronic and quantum transport properties in realistic materials, which are critical for the development of new quantum materials.”, said Prof. Xuhui Huang, Director of TCI.