Joseph O. Hirschfelder Prize

Joseph O. Hirschfelder

Each year, TCI awards the internationally recognized Hirschfelder Prize in Theoretical Chemistry. The prize-winner spends a week visiting the department and presents three lectures during his or her stay. We also have an active visitor program and seminar series, which bring leading theorists to campus.

The annual Joseph O. Hirschfelder Prize in Theoretical Chemistry was established by the Theoretical Chemistry Institute (TCI) in 1991 from funds donated by Professor Joseph O. Hirschfelder (1911-90) and his widow, Dr. Elizabeth S. Hirschfelder. Professor Hirschfelder had a distinguished career of teaching, research and public service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for more than 40 years.

Hirschfelder Prize Recipients

2023-24 – Donald G. Truhlar, University of Minnesota

2022-23 – Ken Dill, Stony Brook University

2021-22 – Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Yale University

2019-20 – Shaul Mukamel, University of California, Irvine

2018-19 – Peter Rossky, Rice University

2017-18 – Abraham Nitzan, University of Pennsylvania, Tel Aviv University

2016-17 – J. Andrew McCammon, University of California, San Diego

2015-16 – Emily Carter, Princeton University

2014-15 – George Schatz, Northwestern University

2013-14 – Jack Simons, University of Utah

2012-13 – Michele Parrinello, ETH-Zurich

2011-12 – Daan Frenkel, Univeristy of Cambridge

2010-11 – John C. Tully, Yale University

2009-10 – Peter Wolynes, University of California, San Diego

2008-09 – Mark A. Ratner, Northwestern University

2007-08 – Robert J. Silbey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2006-07 – Hans C. Andersen, Stanford University

2005-06 – Henry F. Schaefer, University of Georgia

2004-05 – James T. Hynes, University of Colorado

2003-04 – Eric J. Heller, Harvard University

2002-03 – Stuart A. Rice, University of Chicago

2001-02 – Bruce J. Berne, Columbia University

2000-01 – Roald Hoffmann, Cornell University

1998-99 – David Chandler, University of California, Berkeley

1997-98 – Ernest R. Davidson, Indiana University

1996-97 – William H. Miller, University of California, Berkeley

1995-96 – Michael E. Fisher, University of Maryland

1994-95 – Martin Karplus, Harvard University

1993-94 – John A. Pople, Northwestern University

1992-93 – Rudolph Marcus, California Institute of Technology

1991-92 – Benjamin Widom, Cornell University